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Leading the change, towards a greener future

Our Company

EV-ON Energy UK Limited which is founded in 2019 is a part of UK Based The BV Group UK Limited and Italy based The British Virgin Group Srl. After successful operations in industries like luxury British Water (Aqua British), Property development and Energy, we are here to extend our support in automobile sector to help the world transition to a greener future.

We are focused on our objective to invest in research and development of future technologies that will improve the distribution and infrastructure of Electric Vehicles across the globe. EV-ON energy is dedicated to provide a platform for future growth within the automobile industry. 

We have teamed up with leading global manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations, machineries and charging management software. Through these partnerships and further R&D, we aim to bring the industry’s premier technologies to market.

Why We Are Here

Our Vision and Mission

The internal combustion engine paved the way for a more closely connected society. It helped us travel further and faster for less, and it gave us the freedom to live and work wherever we pleased. However, after dominating the world of transportation for over a hundred years, the internal combustion engine is now forced to make way for cleaner engines in the 21st century.

Compared to petrol-powered cars, electric cars reduce carbon emissions by 54%. This is why a dozen countries have already announced plans to ban the sale of petrol-powered cars — some as early as 2025. These regulations have also paved the way for many car manufacturers to fully electrify their fleets. 

We are here to provide the right tools and infrastructure for you to make that transition from combustion to clean, effortlessly and cost-effectively. 

We’re here because we believe in a world free of emissions.


What Set Us Apart

Our charging station is extremely efficient and charges the car’s battery in less than an hour, and more eco-friendly than currently available in the market

We believe in open hardware and interfaces​

All our products are SIM-lock free and support a free choice of backend managment system service providers and payment systems.

We offer certified quality products

Our products have been tested and certified by leading car manufacturers and certifying bodies.

(Opel, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Renault)

All charging stations include DEKRA (CE) and ZE/EV Ready certifications

Solutions for all situations

We have a proven solution with dedicated poles and accessories, for charging cars at home, offices or at public locations.

Technical partner for the best solution

We were at the start of the first technical specifications of EV charging, and continue in-house development of our systems to meet the latest technical standards and innovations.

High quality service

Our service program has in-depth coverage, including remote support, training, IT integration services for Back-office.

Our Services

  • Sales
  • The opportunity for distributorship of EV-ON Energy Company Product
  • Our Vision involves building & franchising EV Charging Infrastructure all around the UK and Overseas.
  • Our Charging stations also provide a great platform for Brands to advertise their products. As they will be installed in communities at premium retail locations e.g High streets. 
  • Training 
  • Installation
  • Accessories

Our Strength

We have a highly qualified and skilled team, all with the purpose of making the public’s shift to green energy as easy and attractive as possible.

EV-ON Energy UK Limited proudly partners with prominent manufacturers of EV Charging stations and Charge Point operators throughout the world. 

We are committed to green energy and working towards influencing everyone to do the same. To help initiate our aim, a special 5% discount is being offered on all our products.

Alongside this we are offering  free charging once a week for those who will become a trusted EV-ON Energy member. (Any station in Worldwide)


Smart Charging Solutions

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