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EV-ON Smart Charging

Cost and energy saving services

Our smart charging technology defines all intelligent functionalities in EV-ON charging stations which help our users to optimize the charging process, making it an indispensable feature for operators of multiple charging points.

Smart Charging creates and distributes the available power in an efficient and flexible manner. It allows us to avoid unnecessary costs such as overcapacity fees charged by grid operators, and maximizes the benefits of charging stations in case of limited power capacity, any time, any place.


Charging Management App

EV-ON Energy custom designed software – The EV-ON app allows our station owners and electric vehicle drivers with EV-ON box charge cards. This help them to easily track and manage charging sessions in the palm of their hands.

Applicable for:

  • Electric vehicle drivers with a charge card that charge at home, at work and / or in public.
  • Electric vehicle drivers that own a EV-ON charging station.
  • Businesses that offer EV-ON charging services to employees.

EV-ON Charging Management Platform

Our software has been developed on customizable platform that helps every charging point operator to easily manage and control all charging sessions, costs, and power consumption. From lease drivers and charging stations, to parking facilities and commercial fleets.

Applicable for:

  • Charging Point Operators: Businesses that would like to offer charging services to property owners
  • Mobility Service Providers: Businesses that would like to offer charging services to electric vehicle drivers.

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Local & National Business Promotions

Our charging stations not only help our customers to charge the vehicles but also provide a well defined and attractive space to interact with others. The EV-On Business lines and Public lines are equipped with a digital screen to promote local and national businesses. Get connected with your customers more closely with us!

Smart Charging Solutions

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